SPECIAL ACCOUNT FOR RESEARCH FUNDING (Art. 50 par. 1- 2,  Law  4485/2017)

Special Account for Research Funding (E.L.K.E.) of National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.)  operates in accordance with Law 4485/17 and National and European Community Law on the management and utilization of funds for scientific research, education, training, technological development and innovation and the provision of related services to achieve its purpose.

Purpose of E.L.K.E. is the management and allocation of funds coming from any source, as well as from its own resources, and intended to cover the costs of any kind necessary for carrying out research, educational, training, and development projects, seminars and conferences, providing scientific, technological and artistic services, conducting specialized and clinical studies, performing tests, measurements, laboratory tests and analyses, providing an opinion or drafting specifications for third parties, design and implementation of scientific, research, cultural and development programs as well as other related services for the benefit of the University (N.T.U.A.).


The E.L.K.E. Research and Management Committee is the decision-making unit of E.L.K.E. and is distinct from the N.T.U.A. Administration. In each University the Committee is appointed by the Rector and composed of representatives of all University Faculties. The Vice Rector for Research is by definition the President of the Committee. The responsibilities of the Research and Management Committee are described in Art. 54 of Law 4485/2017.


Financial and Administrative Support Unit is the department responsible for the administrative support and financial management of E.L.K.E. It is an organic department of N.T.U.A. and by decision of the University’s Senate its level has been set to that of a Unit. The responsibilities of Financial and Administrative Support Unit are described in Art. 58 of Law 4485/2017.


The Scientific Responsible is appointed by decision of the E.L.K.E. Research and Management Committee in accordance with the Guide for Financing and Management of E.L.K.E., is responsible for the proper implementation and certification of the physical object of the project, the expediency of the costs associated with the execution of the physical object of the project and the monitoring of  the project’s financial object.


N.T.U.A. nurtures a highly advanced field of science and technology and ensures the continuous upgrading of engineering education and applied sciences. N.T.U.A.’s research laboratories produce innovating scientific and technological knowledge through conducting unbiased, free or aimed basic and applied research, in accordance with the Law.

The N.T.U.A.’s research policy is summarized in the systematic support of Research development, through the full support of its researchers by the University’s Administration and Units, with emphasis on the quality of the research work and the sound and transparent management of Research resources.

In particular, revenue from management of Research resources is mainly allocated to:

  • Doctoral fellowships

  • Supply of equipment of particular importance to the University and the country

  • The operational needs of the University

  • University Faculties for supplies of instruments, consumables or provide for specific educational, research or developmental needs

  • Enhance basic research, research in cutting-edge areas and innovative research areas.